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About Us

SANO Health ARM is a non-profit extension of SANO Healthcare Consultants, a healthcare technology and software company committed to improving health equity and elimination of health disparities in underserved communities. SANO Health ARM was formed to provide a national network for pre-K through postgraduate students to engage in opportunities which support workforce diversity and successful careers in science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics, and medicine (STEAM2), with an emphasis on healthcare.  SANO Health ARM provides these valuable opportunities while engaging students in unique advocacy, research, and mentoring activities. SANO Health ARM’s success is built upon its collaboration across primary and secondary educational systems, academic institutions, industry, community organizations, and a national network of volunteers.  These inter-organizational and public collaborations seek to build pathways which support the future of healthcare through STEAM2.

If we value ourselves, we may define our future,

and can change the world.

Our Mission

To increase matriculation and career support for underrepresented populations in Science,Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics, and Medicine (STEAM2), through Advocacy, Research, and Mentoring .

Science Class
Children in Science Class

Our Vision

Learn to serve

Serve to lead

Lead to transform

Our  Community Engagement and Support Team.

We Need Your Support Today!

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